DGT- The Governance Token

The DGT token is our governance token that provides holders with the power to vote and make decisions on important matters related to the network. Holders of DGT tokens will be able to vote on proposals related to network upgrades, new product launches, and other key decisions.
In addition to voting rights, DGT token holders will also receive a portion of the generated fee, with 20% of the fee being distributed to DGT holders. This provides an incentive for holders to participate in the network and actively engage in decision-making.


The DGT token will be distributed to different stakeholders in the following manner:
  • Community Treasury (30%): This portion of the DGT token will be allocated to building the ecosystem and supporting the community.
  • Team (40%): The founding team will receive this portion of the DGT token allocation.
  • Investors (25%): This portion of the DGT token allocation will be given to investors who have supported the project.
  • Advisors (5%): Advisors who have provided valuable guidance to the project will receive this portion of the DGT token allocation.

Distribution Method

The DGT token will be airdropped to stakeholders over a period of time, with the planning being to airdrop all 20 million tokens in three years. This gradual distribution ensures a fair and equitable allocation of DGT tokens and prevents market fluctuations due to sudden influxes of tokens.

Lockup and Vesting Period

DGT tokens will be subject to a lockup and vesting period of three years, ensuring that tokens are not sold off too quickly and providing a long-term commitment to the project. This ensures that stakeholders remain committed to the project's success and provides a stable foundation for decision-making and network governance.